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Buying Fish At An Auction

More Fish For the Fish Room!

It was an eventful weekend! We got our hands on over 30 more fish from our local club’s auction! So, if you are looking for fish ideas that you may have not heard of before then stay tuned because we got some cool fish!

For those of you who haven’t joined your local fish club and are wondering what goes on, here’s an inside peak:

Monthly meets at a pre-determined location
Auction of live fish and plants - You can bring things to sell or just buy the cool things that others bring
Meet and chat with other local fishkeepers
A talk on something fish or aquatic plant related

Here are a few of the fish I was able to purchase from the auction:

Angelfish - I was able to buy two beautiful adults and 6 juvenile angelfish (Purchase here:

The baby angelfish are adorable! The two larger angelfish are in my 75 gallon aquarium.

Here’s a video of them acclimating before I put them in the tank:

I also bought 2 pair of gardneri killifish! These are fairly active fish that only reach around 3-3.5 inches in length and the male is absolutely beautiful. They are egg layers and since I have a pair meaning male and female, we should be able to get them to spawn once we make them happy with a lot of protein packed food.

We also got 5 peacock gudgeons. These are a colorful nano fish that only get around 3 inches in length. Apparently they like to spawn in caves so hopefully we are able to make this group happy enough to spawn!

And guys, we got a ton of female kribensis as well. I think we have 13 female kribensis. Kribensis are a dwarf cichlid that only grows to about 3-4 inches in length. The female stays smaller and in my opinion has a much more robust coloration than the male. The females have a deep purple belly when they are ready to spawn. (Available here:

And last but not least! We got our hands on 6 happy cichlids (laetacara fulvipinnis)! These are rarely seen in the US and they only grow to about 3-4 inches in length and seemingly prefer to live in groups. They are very intelligent and aware of what is going on outside the tank. (Available Here:

So, if you interested in getting some really cool fish for a great price - consider joining your local aquarium club! The easiest way to find if you have a club near you is to search with facebook. Just search fish club (your city name) - there will probably be a ton of results but you want to find one that actually meets monthly and isn't just a virtual group.

Happy fish keeping all!

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