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Filtration - My Take

Hello, fish nerds! (7/28/2023)

Another letter for Fishy Friday! Today’s topic is on filtration/UV sterilizers. Below are 5 filters I have used and would recommend:

1. Penn Plax Cannister Filter – I have used this filter for a while and it is easy to assemble, maintenance, and does a great job keeping my tank crystal clear. The amount of filter media you can add to this filter is incredible. I personally use bio max ceramic rings, coarse filter sponge, and filter floss within mine. If you are in the market for a cannister filter check out the links below for more information on these products:

Canister Filter Link < - Click Here

2. Marina S20 Power Filter – I have been using this filter for a good bit and I love it. It is very sleek, quiet and gets the job done. It comes in a variety of sizes depending on your tank size. It is a HOB filter so great for smaller aquariums. This filter features a self-priming feature which means as long as the power head is in the water it will automatically prime and start to filter. No need to fill the filter part with water! It comes with various compartments for filter media – I personal use coarse filter sponge, bio max rings, and crushed coral inside of mine. Below is the link for more information on this product:

3. Green Killing Machine UV Sterilizer – I have never had a problem with green water and it’s probably because I bought this filter early on. It has a UV bulb on the inside that kills algae and helps prevent green water breakout. If you have issues with green water this may be a product that can help you in the fight against it. I would still recommend more frequent water changes, lowering light, and lowering feeding but having this filter will help speed up the process. It’s easy to use and maintain and has a pretty powerful power head that keeps the water flow constant. Below is the link for more information on this product:

4. Deep substrate – I am a big believer in a deep substrate as it acts as a nature filter by housing a ton of beneficial bacteria that are essential to keeping a healthy and happy aquarium. I normally do 1 inch of soil, a cup full of crushed coral, and 3-4 inches of sand as a cap. I have several aquariums where I use this method and the best part is there is no need for a filter! Even on aquariums where I use filters, I still like to have a deep substrate as I believe it helps keep the aquarium healthy and decreases the chances of a bacteria crash. For more information on the Walstad Method click here:

5. Plants, A Ton Of Them – I personally love a planted aquarium and the fact that these plants not only look beautiful but also contribute to making a healthy aquarium, is a bonus. Plants absorb ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite as a food source which is also deadly to your fish. Plants also help filter heavy metals in your aquarium and they help in the fight against algae since they absorb the same nutrients that algae need to survive. Here are some of my favorite aquatic plants:

a. Dwarf Water Lettuce – A floating plant that had beautiful roots flowing into the water

b. Cryptocoryne – A great mid or fore ground plant that comes in a variety of colors

c. Java Fern – An easy to keep plant that can be attached to wood or rock

d. Java Moss – Another easy to keep plant that does not need a lot of light to survive

e. Micro Sword – An easy, low light carpeting plant

And that’s all for today folks! Get dirty, be interesting, and drink milked down coffee!

Cheers, The Dirty Tank

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