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These are the fish that got left behind some reason -  maybe they weren't that colorful, maybe they were shy, or maybe they were just down right ugly.


Either way these fish still hold a special place in our hearts. If you feel the same way, consider purchasing a few. A few examples of what these misfits could be:


A lone tetra (golden, neon, x-ray, etc)

Female guppies or swordtails (they aren't as colorful but we love them all the same!)

A lone kuhi or black loach (occasionally we have a loner that just hid so well that we never sold him/her!)

A lone corydora, rasbora, or any other schooling fish that somehow got missed and now won't sell since these are traditionally bought in groups but one got left behind

A 1 off shrimp that I am not actively breeding but some how ended up in our tanks! (Like the yellow one pictured)


All misfit peaceful fish grow to a size of 3.5 inches or less


All misfit fish are picked at random and are priced accordingly - less than $2!

Mystery Misfits (Peaceful)


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